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Top 10 Smartphone Myths

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We all must be using mobiles phones for some time now. While using mobiles or listening about them we come across various perceptions or opinions related to them. We often have a variety of myths for smartphones in our mind. Some of them may be true some may not be. This Article will focus on the Top 10 Smartphone myths we commonly have in our mind and will try to resolve them one by one, which one of them is true and which one are false.

Top 10 Smartphone Myths and Their Opinions are :-

1. More RAM is better and Phone becomes faster:- 

RAM Usage-top 10 smartphone myths
RAM Usage

We commonly think that buying a 6 GB or more RAM phone will make our Experience good and the phone faster. But the Reality is not the same. Its good to have more RAM but if we compare a 6 GB Variant mobile with 8 GB variant one, we often think that 8 GB would be faster. Higher RAM Makes Memory Management easier i.e; you can open more apps in your phone without the worry for reloading, but speed or performance of the app would be the same.

2. WiFi and Bluetooth drain Battery when the Phone is Idle:-

Bluetooth and Wifi
Bluetooth and Wifi

It is One of the most common conceptions we have in our mind that leaving Bluetooth or WiFi ON while the phone is idle will drain the battery. Guys, We are living in 2019 and the Radios in today’s Time are so smart and power efficient that you need not worry about them, whether they are ON or OFF. They consume battery in about points in the whole day. Still if you care about that too, you can turn them off and handle the problem that “Ohh, My Bluetooth was off and the speakers were Not connected”.

3. Charging through PowerBanks is not good:- 

Charging through PowerBanks -Top 10 smartphone myths
Charging through PowerBanks

We Still don’t Know how such theories Came in existence, they were not discovered. Whether we charge our phone by Power Plug or By Power bank, Battery does not give priority to anyone. The Charging Output is same for both and they charge the battery accordingly. Power Bank does not damage the battery in any way. It is Totally a misconception.

4. Latest updates are Always Useful:- 

Software Updates-Top 10 Smartphone Myths
Software Updates

We are often crazy for updates that whenever an update comes, we need to install it. We think that every update is beneficial for our mobile and it would be better for the phone’s performance. Yes, Some of the major updates brings new features to our phone, but some can make our phone slow too. Hence we should wait a while and get the reviews from the people using the same phone and if its good we should go for it.

5. All Apps from AppStore or PlayStore Are Safe:-

App Store-Top 10 Smartphone Myths
App Store

All of us think that if we have downloaded an app from the play store or the App Store it must be safe. But it is not the case. Apple and Google Often removes various app from App Store and Play Store that are harmful, but a lot are uploaded too. Hence we should be aware about the apps we install from them and do the same from trusted developers only.

6. Links on WhatsApp are Safe:-

WhatsApp Links- Top 10 Smartphone Myths
WhatsApp Links

We know that messages have privacy in WhatsApp, but guys please note that the contents of messages have nothing to do with the privacy and security. We often receive messages that click on the link and install the latest updates or click on the link and your colour of WhatsApp will change. Guys Please don’t click on those links as they may install such software that may have security issues. WhatsApp Never send such links.

7. Airplane Mode Charging:-

Airplane Mode Charging- Top 10 smartphone myths
Airplane Mode Charging

It is popular among the crowd that putting the phone on Airplane mode decreases our charging time. It is true, but it does by a minimal factor of about 10-15 minutes. In that charging period phone becomes dumb and is of no use. So it is better to either keep the phone switch off as it charges more faster than Airplane mode or don’t use Airplane mode.

8. You Should Drain Your Battery before next charge:-

This Myth is also very famous. But this is not true. We are degrading our battery’s Life by doing so. Almost all the smartphones use Lithium Ion batteries which perform best when they are kept between 20-80%. The older Batteries used to have the thing that they should be full charged for best performance, but not the modern ones.

Over Night Charging
OverNight Charging

9. Charging Your Phone Overnight Kills the Battery:-

  This is another myth that was true at one point, but as battery and charging technologies have improved, it’s now completely false. Older batteries weren’t smart enough to realise when they’re full, and overcharging them consistently led to decreased battery life over time. Today’s Charging mechanism are smarter. Once the Phone is full charged it stops drawing electricity. Hence Be free and charge. 

10. Automatic Brightness Settings Save Battery:-

This is completely false. The idea is, by using the on-board light sensor of a smartphone, it can automatically calibrate the ideal brightness setting to save power.The reality is, this might save you a bit of battery by dimming your screen when appropriate, but the light sensor actually uses more power over the course of the day by constantly pinging your CPU to process the data it collects and decide if a lower (or higher) brightness setting is appropriate.

These were some of the Top 10 Smartphone myths we face in our day and day life. Hence the Objective of Article was to remove these myths from our mind. Hoping that We were successful.

By- Tushar Sehwag


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